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Description of Services


We are pleased to provide you with full disclosure of our Professional Services Charges.  Below is a description of the services we provide. Funeral charges can be referenced in the Charges section of our website.


Arranging for consultation with a licensed funeral director, coordinating all aspects of arrangements such as: contacting clergy, cemetery, newspapers for funeral notices, arranging for transfer of the deceased and staff for transfer, arranging for flowers, reception, extra vehicles, affiliating services, evening prayers etc.  Attending to the front door for visiting, parking vehicles, receiving and  processing all donations, setting up flowers and delivering, if required, after the funeral.  Arranging for staff on the funeral day as well as required vehicles. We provide a minimum of four staff members at every ceremony with the exception of a graveside where only two staff members are required. We arrange for custodians, organists/soloist, receptions, parking facilities, and reserved seating.

For families choosing immediate cremation our Basic Professional Service charge is reduced.


Completion  and filing of all documents necessary to carry out the services and supplies requested including but not limited to the death registration, burial/cremation permit, coroner’s certificate for cremation, CPP/ Old Age Cancellation, CPP/Survivor’s Applications, SIN and OHIP Cancellation, Cemetery Consent Form and if required documentation to ship the remains out of the country. Preparing and issuing of Funeral Director’s Proof Death Certificates by Jardine Funeral Home Ltd., as well as contracts, correspondence and invoices including maintaining necessary records for future use. Provision of 13 Funeral Director Proof of Death Certificates will be provided for Traditional and Memorial Ceremonies. Graveside and Immediate Cremation will receive 6 Funeral Director Proof of Death Certificates.

TRANSFER OF REMAINS (within 40 km; additional fees apply beyond 40 km)

Requires the use of the Service Vehicle. Transfer of remains by professional staff from one place to another including the transfer of the deceased from the place of death to our facility.  Additional mileage is $1.50 per km one way. Transfer from anywhere in Greater Toronto Area is a flat fee of $300.00.


Requires the facilities for preparation, embalming, and shelter. Disinfection and dressing of the body and placement into the casket or container selected prior to burial, cremation or identification or viewing without embalming.


Requires basic preparation of remains. Embalming is the disinfection, preservation and restoration of the body by replacing blood and bodily fluids with chemical preservatives. Embalming is a suggested service should a family wish an open casket for either public or family viewing.  Embalming is not legally required but may be recommended to preserve the remains between time of death and the services arranged for or in certain circumstances depending on the cause of death.  Written permission is required by the executor or informant or person responsible for the funeral expenses prior to the embalming being performed. Jardine Funeral Home Ltd. requires the body must embalmed if the body is to be in the funeral home’s possession for more than 48 hours or at the discretion of the licensed funeral director.


Use of the preparation room equipment, chemicals and sundries, maintenance supplies, hazardous waste disposal, specialized equipment, sanitation of preparation room, compliance with all government standards and temporary shelter and storage of remains up to 48 hours.


Staff to assist the licensed funeral director(s) with the visitation or informal gathering for a period up to 4 hours.


The use of the funeral home for visitation for a period of up to 4 hours to include allowances for the payment of taxes, insurance, utilities, advertising, promotions and general maintenance, coffee lounge supplies, parking lot maintenance and expenses (snow removal/grass cutting), telephone, sound system, and other specialized systems as required. 


Staff to assist the licensed funeral director(s) with the ceremony, informal gathering or graveside ceremony for a period up to 2 hours.


The use of the funeral home for the ceremony or memorial service for up to 2 hours to include allowances for the payment of taxes, insurance, utilities, advertising, promotions and general maintenance, coffee lounge supplies, parking lot maintenance and expenses (snow removal/grass cutting), telephone, sound system, and other specialized systems as required.


LEAD CAR: Used for the completion of paperwork such as obtaining the Coroner’s Cremation Certificate, registering the death to obtain the burial/cremation permit, as well as arranging the transportation of the clergy to the funeral home or to place of ceremony and driving the clergy when necessary to cemetery, crematorium for interments, gravesides or witnessing cremations and leading the funeral procession to the cemetery or crematorium. Also used to pick up human cremated remains after the cremation process from the crematorium at the funeral homes discretion.

SERVICE VEHICLE: Available for use 24 hours a day and is primarily used for the transport of remains from the place of death to our facility. It is also used to delivery floral arrangements following the ceremony or memorial to the family home, place of reception or location determined by family.

FUNERAL COACH: Primarily used to transport the casket, container or urn to the place of ceremony, cemetery or crematorium.

MILEAGE: Additional mileage beyond 40km from our facility to the place of disposition will be charged at $1.50 per km one way.

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